Visitors to the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers will enjoy 20 acres of historical buildings, historic gardens, the Edison Botanical Research Lab and the Edison Ford Museum. The newly restored buildings include the Edison Main House, Guest House, Caretaker's House and the Ford House.
Inventor's Summer Camp - CAMPS
Join the Edison Ford Wild Wizards for a summer of new and exciting programs! Watch as the Edison & Ford Winter Estates becomes a living lab for our campers, who are challenged to learn more about the sciences, art, and the natural world.

  • Two camps are held each week, grouped by grade level: grades 1-3 and grades 4-6.
  • All camps are held from 9am to 4pm.
  • LOCATION: The 2017 Inventor's Summer Camp will be based in the Education Center and Edison Caretaker's House, which is air-conditioned. Some activities will be held in the gardens and Edison Ford Museum.
  • ATTIRE: Campers will be given a Camp T-Shirt and are required to wear it each day. Cool, comfortable clothing, tennis shoes, insect repellant, sunscreen, and hats are recommended. Open-toed shoes and jewelry should not be worn.
  • MEDICATION: Instructors must be notified in writing regarding any medication campers are to take during the day. Please provide detailed information when registering your child for camp.
  • LUNCHES: Campers must bring their own sack lunch, snacks, and drink daily. Water coolers are available; refrigeration is not.

Sun Science
Regular Price: $200.00
Member Price: $180.00
Dive into Solar Science at the Edison Ford. Learn how the sun helps to power the museum and how it can be put to other practical uses. Campers work with solar panels and other electrical tools as they learn about light and energy transfers. Join us for our solar cookout and take part in a variety of solar challenges during this four day camp.

Innovation and Invention Camp
Regular Price: $250.00
Member Price: $220.00
"To be a good inventor you need a good imagination and a pile of junk," said Thomas Edison. The Edison Ford provides the "junk" and campers provide the imagination in this dynamic engineering camp. Campers are presented with a series of challenges and problems as they uncover the nature of innovation and the engineering design process. What will you invent?

Fantastic Film Makers
Regular Price: $495.00
Member Price: $440.00
"Lights, Camera, Action?" There is actually much more to it! Campers take a deep dive into the art and science of movie making. Campers learn all stages of production as they develop an original movie complete with special effects and animation. See how ideas can come alive on the big screen at the Edison Ford during this two week camp.

Fundamental Physics
Regular Price: $250.00
Member Price: $220.00
Campers get moving as they explore the world of physics with exciting demonstrations and hands-on projects, learning how to use forces to defy gravity and delight friends and family with amazing science experiments.

Lego Engineers
Regular Price: $50.00
Member Price: $40.00
A day of engineering challenges with a fun twist: Legos. Build bridges, catapults and contraptions in this fun and challenging 1 day camp.

Science Investigations
Regular Price: $150.00
Member Price: $135.00
Help to solve a mystery and learn about the nature of scientific investigation. See how household items can be used in a forensic investigation as campers crack the case. Learn how first responders use science and engineering to keep us safe and how to check your toys for fingerprints during this three day camp.

Electrical Engineers
Regular Price: $250.00
Member Price: $220.00
Campers learn all about circuits and design a light system! From simple to complex, the world of electronics is illuminated. Join us as we explore a variety of electric devices and phenomena at the winter home of Thomas Edison. Using creativity, switches, LED's and Edison's great invention-- the light bulb-- a scientific work of art will be created.

Roving Robots
Regular Price: $250.00
Member Price: $220.00
Explore the world of robotics! Campers form robotic teams as they take on a new robotic challenge every day. All the skills necessary to a robotic engineer are addressed: mechanics, computer science and electronics. Campers create circuits, build Lego robots, write code, and learn how to develop a mechanical advantage as they master robotics.

Creative Chemistry
Regular Price: $250.00
Member Price: $220.00
The Wild Wizards have collected all of their favorite experiments for this exciting camp. Learn how to take household items to conduct amazing experiments. Campers have fun as they conduct different chemical experiments each day-- everything from making fake snow to toothpaste big enough for an elephant. This camp is sure to get a reaction!

Video Game Developers
Regular Price: $250.00
Member Price: $220.00
What do loops, if/else statements, and functions all have in common? They are all used to design video games. Join our Wild Wizards as we untangle the key concepts needed to create the next viral video game! Campers will receive a flash drive containing the arcade of games designed in the camp.

Smarts in Arts
Regular Price: $150.00
Member Price: $135.00
Explore creative expression and challenge the imagination in this engaging program designed to discover where art and science merge. Campers will harness their fine motor skills while working with an array of mediums, developing projects that push the boundaries of perception during this three day camp.

Junior Counselor Application-old
Price: $50.00
Application Instructions:
  1. $50 cost to cover the training program and Junior Counselor T-shirts (each counselor receives 1 t-shirt)
  2. Junior Counselor positions are enrolled on a competitive basis
  3. Junior Counselors must have completed 7th grade.
  4. Junior Counselor's must be signed out by a parent or guardian daily.
  5. Each application must be accompanied by a two page essay describing why you would like to be a junior counselor
  6. Enrollees will only receive ONE week of camp which equates to 40 hours of volunteer service, Camp is from 8:45am until 4:15pm daily. Please indicate 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice for weeks.
  7. Each week will be limited to TWO Junior Counselors per class
  8. If chosen must attend an orientation meeting.
For more information contact:
Leanne Criswell
Session Summer 2017: Tue, May 30, 2017 - Wed, Aug 9, 2017 9:00AM - 4:00PM   WAIT LIST