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A Land Remembered by Patirck D. Smith

Winner of the Florida Historical Society's Tebeau Prize as the Most Outstanding Florida Historical Novel.

"Perhaps animals are smarter than men, he thought, taking only what they need to live today, leaving something for tomorrow....Maybe it is man who will eventually perish as he destroys the land and all that it offers, taking the animals down with him." - Zech MacIvey in A LAND REMEMBERED

Few novels come along with the power of narration equal to this. Set in the wild's of 19th century South Florida, here is the story of three generations of the Maclvey family, from dirt-poor crackers to wealthy real estate tycoons, in an epic portrayal of the American pioneer will to survive against all odds. Here is the sweeping story of the land, how at first bare survival is scratched from it and then how it is exploited beyond human need. Here is a rich, rugged history of Florida's pioneer spirit and natural world.

Hard cover. Student editions also available.

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